10 Throwback Pictures Of Kiccha Sudeep ​​10 Throwback Picutres Of Kiccha Sudeep

Sudeep has 26 years of experience as an actor seeing all the struggles

Sudeep fought all the hurdles thrown at him right from the beginning of his career

Sudeep has done some bold choices going against the odds! The remake of Kamal Haasan's Swathi Muthyam is one example to say

The director in Sudeep was a surprise to unleash the technician inside him

Sudeep has proved his mettle in Bollywood and Tollywood

Sudeep is always the front runner to spread the wings of Kannada cinema into other markets

Sudeep has successfully hosted the Bigg Boss Kannada version as the host

Sudeep is straightforward when it comes to sharing his opinions on any matter and never shies away from facing the controversy for his views

Sudeep is awaiting the release of his Pan India film 'Vikrant Rona' carrying humongous expectations